nanDECK Version 1.26

Hello everybody, a new version of nanDECK is available, with bugs fixed and new features:

New CMYK directive

The CMYK command has this syntax:

CMYK = Range, ON/OFF, ICC profile

The ON flag enable the CMYK color profile when saving .jpg images, and optionally you can specify an .icc / .icm color profile (or another .jpg to read its profile).

New TAGS directive

This directive creates a rule that is evaluated in the Simulator (a new feature, albeit still basic). The rule can contain series of letters of numbers, with this syntax:

  • one or more “$” symbol, then letters to define a tag’s value that is present, using the same letter means that the same element is present with that number of copies,
  • one or more “£” symbol, then numbers to define the difference between the values of tag when multiple copies are present (i.e. in a straight); with the !N>M syntax is defined that a tag with value N is treated also like M (i.e. the ace in a straight can be positioned before the 2 or after the King),
  • one or more “=” symbol, then one or more tags that must be present.

You can specify more than one rule for a single directive, all of which will be evaluated at the same time, by separating each rule (and each tag) with the pipe character “|”.

Example (poker probability):

tags=suite|value,$aaaaa|==1011121301,Royal flush
tags=suite|value,$aaaaa|£1111!1>14,Straight flush
tags=value,$aaaab,Four of a kind
tags=value,$aabbb,Full house
tags=value,$aaabc,Three of a kind
tags=value,$aabbc,Two pairs
tags=value,$aabcd,One pair
tags=value,$abcde,No pair

New RANGELABEL function

This function converts a sequence of numbers into a range:

[label] = RANGELABEL([sequence])

New RANGEMERGE function

This function creates a new range mixing the cards from two or more ranges:

[range] = RANGEMERGE(“range1”, “range2″, …”rangeN”)

Added parameters in DISPLAY directive for transparency


DISPLAY = “image file”, first card, last card, width, “range”, transparent color, “mask file”

The last two parameters can be used to save an image file with a transparency, and are used the same way as the parameters in SAVE directive.

Added parameters in SAVEPAGES directive for CMYK format


SAVEPAGES = “filename”, switch, color profile

Switch and color profile are the same as in CMYK directive.

Added V, S, C, and E flags in BATCH directive

The flag added after the batch specifies when the batch is executed, i.e.:

V the batch is executed at the validation step
S the batch is executed at the start of the build step
C the batch is executed at the end of each built card
E the batch is executed at the end of the build step

Added D flag in HTMLIMAGE to disable size adjustment

Usually the images in the HTMLIMAGE directive are drawn rescaled in HTMLTEXT (if using the F flag), with the D flag that behavior is disabled (and the images are drawn with the size specified).

Added H flag in HTMLIMAGE to disable vertical spacing

If the height of an image in HTMLIMAGE directive is higher than a character in HTMLTEXT, the lines are drawn with more space between each other, instead with the H flag the lines are drawn more closer.