nanDECK Version 1.26.2

Hello everybody, I’ve released a new version of nanDECK, with bugs fixed and these new features:

New HTMLBORDER directive

This directive adds a border to a font tag (defined by an HTMLFONT), usable with HTMLTEXT. The syntax is:

HTMLBORDER = htmlfont, type, html color, thickness, gap top, gap left, gap right, gap bottom, corner rounding, html color background


[text]="The brown fox (fox) jumps over the lazy dog (dog)."


New FLAGS directive

This directive sets the flags for all the directives in the script. So, for example, if you want to add BE flags in every HTMLTEXT lines, you can use a single FLAGS instead of changing every lines.

The syntax is:

FLAGS = range, directive, flags

If you want to remove a flag instead of adding, use the “-” symbol before it.



htmltext=1-3,"This is a test.",0,0,100%,100%,#FFFFFF,0,,100,default

The result is a plain text in the 1st card, bold and italic in the 2nd, and bold and underlined in the 3rd.

New LINKFILL directive

This directive is used when you have a schema on several rows in a spreadsheet and you want to straighten it in a single row (using the first line to specify the total number of columns that will be filled with the cells); this directive must be used before the LINK command.


LINKFILL = switch


switch: values accepted are:

ON to enable the redistribution of the cells
OFF to disable the redistribution of the cells (the default)

New EXPRESSION directive

This directive specifies the characters used to define expressions to be evaluated in texts in HTMLTEXT and RTFTEXT directives.


EXPRESSION = exp. HTML start, exp. HTML end, exp. RTF start, exp. RTF end


exp. HTML start: character(s) used to define start of expressions in HTMLTEXT directive,

exp. HTML end: character(s) used to define end of expressions in HTMLTEXT directive,

exp. RTF start: character(s) used to define start of expressions in RTFTEXT directive,

exp. RTF end: character(s) used to define end of expressions in RTFTEXT directive,

New CALC function

This function is used to get a result from a specific trigonometric function. The syntax is:

[label] = CALC(flag, value1, value2)

You can choose one of these flags:

C cosine function of value1
S sine function of value1
T tangent function of value1
P pi function (the other parameters are not used)
M the higher between value1 and value2
N the lower between value1 and value2

New FRAMEMAZE function

This function reads a list of edge frames, as 1st parameter (created with a FRAMEPER function), and creates another list of edge frames, arranged as a maze. The 2nd and 3rd parameters are the width and height of the rectangle defined by the edge frames. You can specify the coordinates of the starting cell (as 4th and 5th parameter), otherwise it is randomly selected (this also when set to zero); the ending cell is selected as the farthest from the starting one. The syntax is:

[newframe] = FRAMEMAZE(frames, width, height, X start cell, Y start cell, flags)

You can use these flags in the 6th parameter:

S is created a group of frames for the solution
M is created a group of frames with the sequence used in the creation of the maze
E the exit is along the edge of the maze

At the end of the process other two frames are created, one for the starting cell (with postfix start) and one for the ending cell (with postfix end); if the S flag is used is created also a group of frames for the solution (with postfix solution), i.e. the path from the starting to the ending cell; if the E flag is specified is created also two frames for the edge of the starting cell (with postfix startedge) and for the ending cell (with postfix endedge); if the M flag is specified is created also a group of frames with the sequence used for creating the maze (with postfix map).

This example creates two cards, one with the maze, starting and ending cells, and one that adds the solution:

[x] = 20
[y] = 20
CARDSIZE = [x], [y]
[cell] = FRAMEBOX(0, 0, [x], [y], 1, 1)
[edge] = FRAMEPER(cell, 0.1)
[maze] = FRAMEMAZE(edge, [x], [y], 0, 0, S)
RECTANGLE = 2, <mazesolution>, #FFFF00
ELLIPSE = 1-2, <mazestart>, #FF0000
ELLIPSE = 1-2, <mazeend>, #00FF00
RECTANGLE = 1-2, <maze>, #0000FF
FONT = Arial, 10, T, #000000
TEXT = 2, {°}, <mazesolution>

Added parameter in COOICON for the icon index

If the result of the COOICON function corresponds to multiple icons, you can use the 5th parameter to select one of these.

Added parameters in ORIGIN for the % of the cards

The 4th parameter in ORIGIN sets the value in % for the width of the card (the default is 100), similarly, the 5th parameter is for the height.

Added parameter in SAVE for depth of saved files

The 12th parameter in SAVE sets the depth of the saved image, and can be set equal to:

24 16 millions of colors (the default)
16 65536 colors
8 256 colors
4 16 colors

Added parameter in FONT, FONTRANGE, and TEXTFONT for the spacing of circular text

The default behavior for the circular text is to justified. With this parameter you can specify the actual spacing between characters (zero, or a positive/negative value in cm or the current unit); note that with this parameter is used the horizontal alignment (left/center/right). This parameter is present in FONT (10th), FONTRANGE (11th), or TEXTFONT (19th).

Added J/G flags in HTMLTEXT for enlarging/evening lines of text

The F flag is currently use to shrink a font if text is not contained in the HTMLTEXT rectangle; similarly, a J flag enlarge a font until the text is not contained in the HTMLTEXT rectangle. The G flag reduces the width of the text to obtains lines of the same width.

Added W/V/F flags in HTMLFONT for upper/lower/firstcase of text

W the text is converted to upper case
V the text is converted to lower case
F the first letter of the text is converted to upper case, the others to lower

Added H/V flags in CANVAS for centering the canvas in the cards

The default for the cutting of the canvas images in single cards is to align to the top-left corner, with these flags the images are centered.

And some features in the editor:
F11 on a font name shows you the next one (CTRL+F11 for the previous one),
F12 opens the reference (and download it if the file is not present).

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