Video tutorials from Ludo Lodge

This is a playlist with five tutorials made from Ludo Lodge about nanDECK:

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3 thoughts on “Video tutorials from Ludo Lodge”

  1. Hi Nand!
    Thank you very much for the great software. I really appreciate your efforts!

    I have problem with displaying characters from linked file. This Unicode character ? appears simply as rectangle. I use HTMLTEXT with Explorer render and I expected it to work.
    Is there anything I can do for this character to work properly? Does it depends on Unicode version? Can I update it for nanDECK?

    1. Be sure to use the E flag in HTMLTEXT, example:


      Note that the emoji present in Arial is not so coloured as above, but is still a lizard.

    2. Indeed it’s a matter of font, if you use “Segoe UI Emoji” instead of arial, the emoji is colored instead of b/n:

      htmlfont=default,Segoe UI Emoji,32,,#000000

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