nanDECK version 1.25.3

Hello everybody, there is a new version of nanDECK, with bugs fixed and these new features:

New MERGEPDF directive

This directive merges two or more PDF files, the syntax is:

MERGEPDF = “result file”, “source file”, “page range”, page rotation

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th parameters can be sequences.

New IMAGELIMIT directive

This directive detects the limits of an image over a background color, the syntax is:

IMAGELIMIT = “range”, pos x, pos y, width, height, html color, threshold

The limits are loaded in the variables PL (left), PR (right), PT (top) and PB (bottom).

New LINKFONT directive

This directive adds a couple of HTML tag when a different font is read from a cell in a linked spreadsheet, the syntax is:


New LINKSPLIT directive

This directive is used to read each line from a linked file as two different lines, the syntax is:

LINKSPLIT = every row, odd rows, even rows

The parameters can be sequences.

New FRAMEIMAGE function

This function creates a list of frames from a source list and an image, this is a thread about it:

A new function: FRAMEIMAGE

Added A and R flags in BRUSH directive for bitmap positioning

Added C and I flags in REPLACE function for case replacement

Added multiple body parameters in SCHEMA function

Added a sequence as 3rd parameter in EXPAND function

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2 thoughts on “nanDECK version 1.25.3”

  1. As always, thank you for this awesome tool. I encountered a small issue using the transparency feature of the DISPLAY function.

    Basically the color of the background image was altered slightly- a single digit in the hex key. So I made the background in paint as #D4477F, and tried to set that as the DISPLAY transparency color.

    Turns out, NanDeck was reading and visualizing it as #D4478F. I screenshotted the NanDeck visual and pasted it into Paint3D and checked the color, and sure enough it had changed to #D4478F. By using that color, the DISPLAY function then correctly produced a transparent png.

    Don’t know if this problem affects anyone else, but perhaps there could be some kind of tolerance setting? I think people would intuitively understand “don’t use a similar color as the green screen”.

    1. Hi Thomas,
      although not specifying any filter with an IMAGEFILTER line, when nanDECK loads an image it actually uses a filter (the LINEAR filter, to be specific) to draw it on the card (to do the resizing), and sometime that filter alters slightly the colors, and thus it’s correct to do what you’ve done (read the color, and use it in DISPLAY).
      Alternatively you can:
      1) use an IMAGEFILTER=DRAFT that does not make any correction to the colors,
      2) use a transparet color with the #xxyyyyyyzzz format, where yyyyyy is the color, xx is the level of transparency (usually 00), and zzz is a parameter that you can use to specify also colors near that (usually from 1 to 5).

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